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Here are all the advantages of the Maarch application for the mailroom management

Maarch pour la gestion de courrier


  Record Management (RM) offering an integrated mailroom management 


 An upgradeable, modular and comprehensive product


 Adaptable setting to all structures :
 from small to large organisations private and public sectors


 All the expected functions for the Mailroom Management plus the RM and DMS functions !


 Addition of functions through addition of units with efficient management of the access profile


 Integrated RM : life cycle, OAIS, Moreq2, Z42, FNTC, physical archives

Functional and technical matrix

You would like to set up a digital mailing system, here is the detail of the developed standards in the application, functional and technical matrix.

10 good reasons to adopt Maarch

Still using Maarch LetterBox for your mailroom management? Here are 10 good reasons to migrate to the Maarch application, which integrates the Mailroom Management unit and offers all the functionalities you are asking for !


Maarch LetterBox


Covered areas Application only specialised in Mailroom Management Complete solution : advanced Record Management (RM), to which Document Management System (DMS) and Mailroom Management (MM) functions are added

Only 1 level of notification:

Indexing: mail processing and dunning

Maarch’s notification system is more advanced : it can be done at all levels of processing (notification on all functional and administrative events)

The notification can be customised and can contain attached documents in addition to the link (for the elected officials and mobile professionnals)

Content management unit > Models Not available Advanced management of response models integrated to the solution. You no longer need to go from one application to the other. Microsoft Office, Open Office and Libre Office are used for fusion and direct-mail (fields of the base integrated to the outgoing documents such as name, contact details, processing service…)
Collaborative work on the advanced validation circuits responses


Workflow fixed at 5 status

Integration of model responses matching your service

Passing from one basket to another for validation of the various users with integrated modification to the model response. The answer to the final addressee is the only one « filed » in the solution. Several level of validation are possible
 ex. General secretariat of the services > City council office > Concerned service

Allows to define complex workflow over 5 status

Classification and research functions

Classification plan, files, research,  keywords, links

No "sorting" of the documents but classification system very open

The application allows to

- create a classification plan, specific function of the Record Management

- create folders, determine types of documents. The process of tidying is structuring. The types of documents are linked to predefined types of files.

- research in an extended way in all the baskets (even closed documents are easily recovered)

- group documents under same keyword / theme, workable in the research.

- create logical links between different documents on the same subject.

Personalised fields Set registration and qualification form Dynamic registration and qualification form according to the document. We can add fields linked to the type of document and manage chrono numbers.
Optimised management of the security rights Every entry point towards the document must be listed The rights and profiles definition is more flexible. It relies on the defined hierarchical structure : every element under a level can be inherited.
SaaS mode  Not available

The SaaS mode is only offered under Maarch

The application is hosted, maintained, and saved by Maarch’s teams, who ensure data duplication and continuity of service. You always benefit from the last available version. Maintenance and support are included in the service fee.

The pricing system is according to the size of the town / number of saved documents.

Fields input Input of all the fields all over again in case you forget to index a field Indexing page more flexible. In case you forget a field, fields already entered stay visible
Ergonomics and use Created from a common base, both applications have the same « genetic code »: menus and screens are similar, as are saving, indexing and researching processes.
 Therefore there is little change for users ! Only in the available functionalities !

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