Maarch4i - Records Management and document management for IBM i servers

Combine the power and reliability of your IBM i system to the abilities of Maarch Archiving and document management framework

Maarch4i is a complete solution for digitalization, conservation and management of all your business documents, whatever their origin, whatever their format.



IBM i Spool files management and archiving

Your IBM i spooled files handled as any other business document of your company

When it comes to exploit your IBM i software or system printouts today, only two options are available: consult them in their original spooled file format through a 5250 session or print them

Maarch4i simply offers you to treat IBM i spooled files like any other document produced or received by your company: paperless, secured and shared.

With its module Maarch4i Connector, the solution captures editions of your IBM i server to pour into the Maarch archiving platform:

  • The file attributes automatically become search criteria : file name, user, job, reference, date…
  • The content is read to extract business data and enrich the archiving metadatas : invoice number, customer, total amount, article code, due date…
  • Whenever the spooled file contains multiple documents (an invoicing batch for instance) they can be sorted, merged and split.
  • The document can be enriched with graphic elements and revamped: fonts, logos, tables, overlays …
  • The document is converted to a standard PDF/A format then automatically put into the archive with its metadata and technical informations

As far as we know, Maarch is the only software today that calculates a unique fingerprint for the document at the time it is recorded, to ensure its security and control its integrity all along its life cycle. 


IBM i Spooled files, and more…

Maarch4i is ready for archiving and managing your IBM i spooled files, but it benefits from years of research and development in the field of document archiving and document  management

In fact, it is a open system that allows you to manage any document of your company. There are many acquisition chanels:

  • Desktop personal scanning or batch scanning
  • Direct recording of office documents
  • Production printings
  • Capture of e-mail and fax
  • Remote record from a web portal


A document archiving system

Maarch primary purpose is to ensure the safety and longevity of your documents and Maarch conforms to the requirements of the standard norme NF Z042-13 .

  • Ensure the confidentiality and security of your documents with a simple and comprehensive set of rights and permissions that takes into account the organization of your company and the role of users
  • Control all events and actions of the users with a trace for each document and a complete audit trail
  • Organize the documents by type (customer invoice, delivery note, wageslip, mail) in a classification scheme using folders and inserts.
  • Manage your document  life cycle, from the initial recording to the final deletion, going through steps like movement or copy to a secondary file server or compression of archives.
  • Ensure the high availability of your archives by automatically replicating it to secured remote locations.


DM, a unique functional scope

Maarch is a modular application which offers many features for your company uses its documents to the best.

  • Automatic dispatching to the recipient users as soon as the document is recorded
  • Custom document statuses, custom actions, workflow through work baskets
  • Collaborate with  notes, attachments, case management
  • Multi-criteria search, full-text search, dynamic files and folder views, classification scheme …
  • E-mails alerts and notifications
  • Custom reports and statistics with graphs
  • Slight and simple integration to your applications using Web Services (SOAP)


A native IBM i software

Maarch4i combines the power and reliability of your IBM i system to the abilities of Maarch Archiving and document management framework

  • Internet servers with Zend Server for IBM i
  • The database DB2 to the server for operating data and the setting
  • Integrated filesystem (IFS) for the storage of documents
Schema Maarch4i

Note that the application is also compatible with Windows, Unix and Linux systems as well as with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostGreSql and MySql databases.

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