La Gestion Intégrale chooses Maarch Entreprise

An Archiving System “entirely” selected

La Gestion Intégrale activity

La Gestion Intégrale develops and markets solutions of rental management, real estate Union  of co-ownership, of accountancy … Its clients are property managers. It offers computer solutions issued in outsourcing, the software “MAGI” real estate and accounting. It maintains also the desktop publishing printing and putting all the necessary documents to the trade ((rent receipt., accounting, Assembly of condominium documents, buildings etc. employees pay...)

Need a long-term archiving electronic system

“La Gestion Intégrale” provides for 15 years archiving solutions to its customers. In 2005, it is available to its customers a centralized archiving solution. But in 2010, the archiving COLD tool, previously used, is no longer maintained. “La Gestion Intégrale” must find a long-term replacement solution, which ensures a high overall technical availability. The tool must be more open, more responsive and must answers new constraints. It must allow a rapid consultation of the desired data and their conservation. The existing datas are critical. The integral management is therefore oriented towards legal archiving and/or weight and retained Maarch.

The objective of the solution, as any system of archiving electronic, is keep, the sustainability, integrity and make available the documents upon request. More specifically, it dematerialize shipments of periodic documents such as receipts or funding appeals, extend the scope of electronic archiving by taking account of more flow and more varied, enrich the services offered to customers and third parties.

What attracted “La Gestion Intégrale” in its choice of the Maarch Entreprise application? The list is long:

  • Autofoldering and plan of classification
  • Life-cycle management
  • Recovery of datas
  • Establishment of different sizes of databases depending on the size of its end customers (independent or shared bases between his little customers)
  • Search functions: record in client consultation / mandate / folder / account / type of document, the full-text search on certain types of documents, the ability to save search criteria

“La Gestion Intégrale”  is clearly in a process of green IT and a sustainable development.

"La Gestion Intégrale” has appointed “Sens4” to determine the impact of the changeover to a dematerialization of all his impressions paper, including at the level of environmental impact (consumption of resources and ecological impact). The result is conclusive : 95%, i.e. almost all of the environmental impacts related to the printing process are removed by the project of dematerialization. Once the impressions dematerialized, the impact is almost zero and lies only in the phase of use of the servers. In economic terms, the project is disappear of printing, supplies, postage costs and replaces servers data, approximately 40 tons of paper and 5 tons of envelopes saved per year.


History of the Maarch installation

March 2010, Eric Marchand installs Maarch Entreprise from the web site He asked one of his staff to test the solution. 2 people with 2 different methodologies therefore adapt the tool to their structure. The end result is the same!

The solution is made internally, the tool is immediately selected. Then follow the phases of the need analysis, testing of the solution on 6 servers (front-end / Web and database) and development with Maarch of WebServices for sending queries and output to the client, ensuring the security of the data. The place of storage of the data is completely transparent for the user that sees its data in the “Magi” software interface of “La Gestion Intégrale”.

Maarch in "La Gestion Intégrale" interface *

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"La Gestion Intégrale" in a few figures

La Gestion Intégrale offers computer solutions issued in outsourcing.

  • Before the project of dematerialization “LaGI” was conducting more than one million impressions each month.
  • Solution labeled by the CFI.
The recovery

The recovery strategy is to extract and transform the old system descriptors in the new without moving archived documents. Maarch Entreprise point to the documents of the former DMS

  • 6 years of data: 8 h to retrieve client and years / 15 h to convert the extraction / less than an hour to import indexes in Maarch Enterprise, through the AutoImport of 12 000 000 documents
  • The power of the tool by the customers themselves, from their own tools
  • Automatic reading of documents (FDA)
  • The display of the document by right click from the “Magi” interface
  • And, why dedicated step, view publications online in the lobbies of buildings, on screens

The future ?


Eric MARCHAND, Production Manager

We totally custom Maarch Entreprise application to our colours, to the icons that we spent in grey and orange. He had to manage the 31 customs of our 150 customers so that everyone feels in his own application. Our goal? That our customers feel the difference without feeling the stress! Now everything is in production and we now let we allow the visibility of unit records from our Magi interface. Also in the future, we would like to allow the management of users by batch.


We were looking for an iso-functional solution initially, that respects and responds to the standard of the Web (development, databases). The fact that the solution is Open source is a true more in terms of sustainability. Maarch is a French editor, it played in our decision because proximity was one of the factors determining our final choice.


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