Maarch develops and publishes Open Source applications that cover all your needs in

  • DMS / record management
  • Mailroom management

Applications can be

  • installed on your servers
  • hosted by us: SaaS Mode

Your project: Set up a DMS to process and archive your documents while optimising your budget!

Put your project in the hands of Maarch experts to achieve it with a complete peace of mind.

Maarch is the first open source editor to provide freely donwloadable business applications!

We can provide you with a full range of services to help you complete your project in the best conditions:

Professional Services Offer for Free Software

Choosing Maarch to integrate and support your application is choosing the security of your documentary information system. You will benefit from the DMS experience of skilled professionals and from an unique knowledge of the software.

Maarch integrators and partners network (MSA) also are fully trained to handle and achieve your project in a timely and costly manner.

A Unique Know-How

Over the years, Maarch team acquired a unique expertise of managing document flows. It intervenes at every step of documentary processes: incoming, outgoing and internal documents.
Based on innovative technologies (OCR, document capture, DMS), proposed solutions are designed to get pertinent information out of an organisation documents (contracts, invoices, mail) and ease its diffusion and its integration in business application, CRM, ERP, help desk, or accounting software.

Our Added Value

With our expertise in optimising document processes, we are a company's best partners. Maarch intervention usually measure with

  • Increased productivity
  • Better flow control
  • Decreased costs
  • Better use of internal resources

In a competitive environment, we contribute to better enterprises quality of services, and to increase their margins and market share.

Our means

Our teams are composed of engineers, graphic designers, architects and experienced consultants, we can provide you with services for each step of your project: consulting, expertise, change support, integration, technical support, maintenance, training, certification, contracting and contracting assistance.

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